Eren Et introduced its taste and quality service to its consumer in 1997 at Göztepe, Istanbul. In addition to daily retail sales in a 100 m² area, it also added restaurants to its customer diversity in its portfolio and started to reach its goal in a very short time. Eren Et, which does not compromise the desire of the first day, ambition and service quality, carried the quality production understanding which has the principle of customer satisfaction and can answer to the demands of the consumer changing over time with 20 years of experience and experience in the wholesale sector. At the Küçükyalı Business Center, the 1000 m2 area started to operate. Eren Et is aware of the fact that providing only quality products is not the only requirement that guarantees reliability and continuity; has also certificated its quality both at home and abroad.

Our mission

As a mission, Eren Et has determined that it will offer its customers natural and hygienic products with the best quality and highest quality, in line with their changing needs in order to raise the healthy living standards of the customers, with the personnel who have internalized international quality standards,

Our vision

Our company has built up its corporate organizational structure with the confidence that the consumer has shown, and has established an effective sales network with a total of 50 employees, vehicle fleet and branch in Göztepe. To accomplish this vision; (Pioneer) locomotive company that is able to offer different solutions that evaluate the risks that customers believe in the brand’s consciousness.

Our values

To protect human health by producing within the rules that ensure food safety without wasting natural resources.

To be respectful of moral rules and laws.

Making production by taking the necessary care to environment and nature.

To give importance to inform consumers about meat products correctly, to produce new products which can be consumed safely in high quality and different tastes, suitable for Turkish taste according to their needs.

To increase the productivity by keeping the motivation with the value it gives to its employees

By raising the quality with AR-GE workings, also getting ahead of the technology.